Glytech was set up by Garry Saul, an industry specialist in design, manufacture, and application of both self-adhesive labels and leaflet labels. He was Managing Director of Kenilworth Products (now Essentra Glasnevin PLC) for 30 years, and during those years developed a large number of innovative products and processes for his customers. Customers which included well recognised brands such as, Allergan, Botox, Grifols, Sanofi Genzyme Waterford, Verbatim Kodak, Clonmel Chemicals and Waterford Glass.

Manufacturers are faced with growing consumer demand to address the recyclability deficit of packaging materials. Currently, the world consumption of pressure sensitive labels is 1.4 million tons but only 12% are recycled. Against this backdrop, we believe it’s possible to design labels using minimal amounts of materials such as adhesives, silicone and backing paper, and therefore reducing overall waste and material costs.  We are fully committed to develop a new approach to labelling which reduces process waste and greatly improves recyclability outcomes. 

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